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Successful management includes providing adequate training for new and existing staff. Alpha Compliance Consulting offers affordable training courses to ensure  that all agencies have the resources to ensure compliance with state, federal, JCAHO, and OSHA regulations. We also offer in-service education for agencies who are busy focusing on patient care. This is a great way to save time and ensure compliance with regulated in-service requirement.

State Survey Preparation- Energize your staff with our training for State survey preparation. Staff will gain knowledge in what to expect and how to prepare for a State Survey. This is a practical, yet informative way to understand the legal aspects to the agency and writing and corrective action plan.

How to Recruit and Retain Competent Employees - Unresolved staffing issues can drastically effect the growth of a company. Learn how to recruit and retain competent staff, create loyalty and encourage growth.

Profitable Home Health Admission 101 - The initial admission is generally the first point of contact for home health agencies. Learn how to make a lasting impression, completing admission documents with accuracy and code Oasis for the maximum reimbursement.

Effective Health Care Marketing - Learn how to create marketing materials to show stability and longevity. Understand the business of health care marketing for home health agencies. Understand how to hire an effective marketer and meet expectation requirements.

Coding Course- An intense and informative course on the correct diagnosis coding practices for home health. Learn how to code for the maximum reimbursement.

Documentation made Easy-This class is focused on proper documentation for home health agencies. We also have documentation classes available for other health care settings.

Community Based Alternative (CBA) Program- Any individual interested in expending or interested in gaining knowledge in the requirements, licensee process and contract requirements for participating in the Community Based Alternative (CBA) Program.

Fraud Prevention - Learn how to safeguard your agency for fraud. Understand how fraud effects the operation of the agency. Learn how to report fraud within the agency -conducted by a staff without harming the agency. Understand the financial fines that effect your bottom line.

Hospice Course- An educational beginners course for new agencies. Gain knowledge on initial assessment, scope of services provided to hospice clients, documentation, hospice management and the rules and regulations for hospices.

How to Make Money with PPS- An administrative and clinical overview. Attendees will gain knowledge on how to retain employees, diversity and how to reduce loss and increase capital. This intense seminar/training provides information on both administrative and clinical areas that enhances the operation of an effective agency.

Initial Assessment & Management- This course offers step by step training on how to complete and initial assessment including completion of the Oasis, Medication profile and how to identify  home bound patient status.

Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Program- Training on how to implement QAPI program and gain compliance with federal and state regulations.

Administrator Certification - An in-depth training on how to be a dynamic Administrator in a home health agency. Attendees gain knowledge on the State & Federal regulations. Understand functions within the agency and management skills to maximize productivity.

Office Manager Certification - An in-depth training on how to be an outstanding office manager in a home health agency. Attendees gain knowledge on the State & Federal regulations. Understand the functions of office flow to maximize and manage staff productivity.

Director of Nursing Certification Course- An in-depth training on how to be a Director of Nursing in a home health care agency. Attendees gain knowledge on the state and federal regulations, Palmetto guidelines, Case management and coordination, completing admissions, discharges and transfers of a patient. Uncover the mist about Plan of Care, Medication Profiles, OASIS, care coordination and more. Learn how to protect your license.

Wound Care Documentation- Understand the importance of how to conduct and document a complete skin assessment. Attendees will be able to accurately measure a wound and document measurements properly, write complete treatment orders for a wound, identify a pressure sore from a stasis ulcer,and understand the cost associates with wound care patients and more.

CPR Courses- Take a course from our energetic trainer. Course card is issued at the end of course and remains valid for two years for the American heart Association curriculum including Heart saver, Health care Provider, and AED course. Click here for CPR information

First Aide Course- Gain general knowledge in our basic first aid course. We will review basic procedures including, but not limited to burns, poisoning, back strains and much more.

Order & Care Coordination Course- Attendees gain hands on experience on writing a Plan of Treatment for Home Health and Hospice clients, case conferences and communication.

Intravenous Training- Review rules and regulations relating to IV therapy. This course provides you with everything you need to know about managing an IV therapy patient including, the anatomy and physiology of venous systems.

Competency Testing- Glucometer, Home Health Aide and Nursing Bag Technique.

Glucometer- Competency testing is provided on site using the glucometer elite machine.

Home Health Aide- Competency testing is provided on site via written examination and skills.

Nursing Bag Technique-Instruction on the nursing bag technique is provided. Overview of company policy and evaluation of competency is assessed.

In-Service Education
Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation
Activities in Daily Living
Care Planning
CNA/Provider Diet Teaching
Communication Complaints
Conflict Resolution
Customer Service
Decrease Mobility
How to Conduct Performance Evaluation
Infection Control
Patient Rights & Responsibility
Managing Diversity in the Workplace
Medicare Documentation
PAS Documentation • PPS Rules/Oasis
Restraint • Satisfaction Surveys
Self-Administration of Medication
Team Building & Time Management
Universal Precaution
Wound Care Services

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