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We provide the following Consulting Services:
Policy & Procedure Development
Clinical Consulting
Administrative Consulting
Manage Consulting
Pre - Survey Audits
State Mock Surveys
Quality Assurance Programs
Chart Audits & Assistance with Corrections
Staff Education


The Policies and Procedures developed by Alpha Compliance Consulting are developed by an individual whom actually own an agency. Therefore, you can rest assure that systems, forms and policies are implemented to eliminate paperwork and maximize efficiency. "Remember a good house can not be perfected without a good blue print." Let Alpha Compliance Consulting provide you the up to date blue print (Foundation) for your company needs. Our setup is highly recommended by the members of the State Surveyors.


We have highly trained staff available to evaluate your agency's clinical operations. Our staff provides confidential clinical assessment of notes, charts and program setup. Agencies are provided with day to day resolutions through root cause analysis and effective, efficient tracking tools.


Fast In Fast Out
The more forms you have, the longer it takes for the surveyors to audit your files. We have a proven system that is highly recommended by members of the State Surveyors. Our staff is available to audit and setup your company personnel files and clinical charts for easy auditing.


Alpha Compliance Consulting assist all agencies on their various levels to develop and maintain an efficient and effective organizational structure. We are the incubator for new agencies.

Services Include
State Application Process
Medicare Application Process
Medicaid Application Process
Structural Office Development
General Office Setup
Corporation Setup
Human Resource Management


Skilled clinicians & our highly trained Administrative staff will review the agency's programs, human resource setup, clinical charts, patient notes and all policies to ensure compliance with both State & Federal Regulations. The Staff will also assist the agency with necessary corrections and tools.


Let Alpha Compliance Consulting Find your mistakes, not the State. The word "Mock" means practice. All of our staff conducting mock surveys are trained by an former-State Surveyor. Our trained staff will conduct a survey for your agency and staff. The mock survey will be an exact replica of what the State Surveyors do upon agency arrival and exit. Mock Surveys are Great training tools for new Administrators & Supervising Nurses (DON). An entrance interview, exit interview and a deficient report are provided to the agency. (Vital for all New Agencies)


Alpha Compliance Consulting can implement a quality assurance program and assist agencies in implementing comprehensive and efficient compliance tools.
Pass State Survey--Use Alpha Compliance Consulting
All clients seeking help from Alpha Compliance Consulting have PASSED THE STATE SURVEY since 2001. Our system is fail proof. Join our team of successful Health Care Clients.


Experience the difference. Health care consulting with a personal touch! State and Federal Regulations require agencies to conduct quarterly audits. Alpha Compliance Consulting skilled staff will audit personnel and clinical files for accuracy and compliance. Upon request, our staff will also assist the agency in correcting errors and implementing plan of corrections.


Commitment to excellence-Join us for a fun and interactive learning experience. Our staff provides training in a fun and flexible environment. Send all your staff (including to be well trained and home health aides) to receive a comprehensive competency evaluation.

IV Therapy
CPR Classes
Competency Evaluations